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 Calendar Date: 06/20/2018
 Description: ORDINANCE, submitted by Councilmember P.G. Sittenfeld, from Paula Boggs Muething, City Solicitor, on 6/20/2018, MODIFYING the provisions of Chapter 407, "Public Vehicles," of Title IV, "Public Utilities," of the Cincinnati Municipal Code by ORDAINING new Sections 407-1-A, "Accessible Vehicle," 407-1-A1, "Allocated Space," 407-1-S1, "Service Animal," 407-145, "Purpose of Accessible Public Vehicle Regulations; Applicability," 407-147, "Required Number of Accessible Vehicles," 407-149, "Accessibility and Equal Treatment Requirements," 407-151, "Accessible Vehicle Driver Responsibilities," 407-153, "Accessible Vehicle Required Equipment and Features," 407-155, "Occupant Restraint Assemblies," 407-157, "Securement Devices for Wheelchairs, Scooters, or Mobility Aids," 407-159, "Requirements for External Boarding Ramps," 407-161, "Requirements for Power Lifts," 407-163, "Requirements for Boarding Devices," 407-165, "Requirements for Doors," 407-167, "Accessibility for Passengers Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision," 407-169, "Accessibility for Passengers Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing," 407-171, "Location of Care Givers, Assistants and Service Animals," 407-173, "Fare payment and Ticket Validation Systems," and 407-999-F, "Violation of Sections 407-145 through 407-173"; by AMENDING Sections407-1-P1, "Public Vehicle," 407-3, "License Fees for Public Vehicles," 407-29, "Liability Insurance," 407-35, "Insignia," 407-37, "Limitations on Use of Public Vehicles," 407-47, "Advertising and Signs," 407-57, "Distance Traveled Not in Service," 407-59