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 Item #: 201600951 Get Documents
 Calendar Date: 06/24/2016
 Sponsors: MR. MANN
 Status/Recommendation: RULES & AUDIT COMMITTEE
 Description: MOTION, submitted by Vice Mayor David S. Mann on 6/28/2016, WE MOVE that the Administration answer the following questions and provide the following documents to the Rules and Audit Committee: 1. Who made the decis ion to delete from the final MSD audit as presented to Council the allegations from Bricker & Eckler attorney Mark Evans that city employees pressured him and his firm to make a payment of $55,000 to Sam Malone in June 2015? 2. Who made the decision to delete references to Mr. Evans' concerns about the substance of the arrangement with Mr. Malone? 3. Why were these allegations and references deleted? 4. Who were the individuals that Mr. Evans stated made this payment demand on him? 5. Provide a copy of all contracts related to service by Mr. Malone for which he was paid $55,000 in June 2015. 6. Provide a copy of all communications within and without the city related to (a) services of Mr. Malone; and (b) payments to Mr. Malone in June 2015.(STATEMENT ATTACHED)