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 Calendar Date: 12/04/2013
 Sponsors: MS. SIMPSON
 Status/Recommendation: RULES & AUDIT COMMITTEE

Pending Sunset
 Description: MOTION, dated 12/4/2013 submitted by Councilmembers Simpson and Young, WE MOVE that the City Administration prepare the necessary ordinance and complete all other necessary steps to place before the citizens of Cincinnati a proposed charter amendment that would require the City to complete the Cincinnati streetcar project currently under way; and WE FURTHER MOVE that the proposed charter amendment state as follows: The City shall complete the streetcar project currently under construction, using already available funds that were allocated to the project prior to December 1, 2013. The City and the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority shall cooperate in the establishment of a public/private partnership to generate the money needed to cover the streetcar's operating expenses. The money needed to cover the streetcar's operating expenses shall come from a combination of private funds to be raised by the public/private partnership; public funds accessible for this purpose; fares to be paid by users of the streetcar; and fees, assessments, and other charges to be collected by a special authority or district that the City shall create and empower for this purpose in accordance with applicable laws, the geographic boundaries of which shall not extend beyond 1,000 feet from any part of the streetcar line. (BALANCE OF MOTION ON FILE IN THE CLERK'S OFFICE)
 Minutes: 12/4/2013 Council Session this item was byleaved. On 4-8-2014 the RA Cmte filed this motion./kc