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31 201300928 11/20/2013 MOTION, dated 6/18/2013 submitted by Vice Mayor Qualls, Councilmembers Simpson, Young and Quinlivan, since City Council and the administration have balanced the FY 2014 Budget and funded the 4th and Race Apartment Tower without the use of parking lease revenue, the City has an opportunity to use the $92 million parking lease upfront payment to increase jobs and revenue to the City and to move to a structurally balanced budget. (BALANCE OF MOTION ON FILE IN CLERK'S OFFICE) Get Documents
32 201300927 06/26/2013 MOTION, submitted by Vice Mayor Qualls, Councilmembers Simpson, Young, Thomas and Quinlivan, that the administration provide Council with a minimum of four alternative scenarios that address the issues around hours of operation of parking meters raised by neighborhood business districts and others. In addition, the administration should estimate the financial impact of each scenario on the upfront and annual payments. We Further Move that the administration consult with neighborhood associations... Get Documents
33 201300877 11/20/2013 MOTION, dated 6/10/2013 submitted by Councilmember Quinlivan and Vice Mayor Qualls, that the Administration adopt a policy effective immediately, to allow administration fees of no more than 20% of the total art project budget for any public art project funded partially or totally with City tax dollars. (STATEMENT ATTACHED) Get Documents
34 201300875 06/12/2013 RESOLUTION, dated 6/10/2013 submitted by Vice Mayor Qualls, RECOGNIZING the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act of 1963; and further EXPRESSING the support of Cincinnati City Council for the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and continued efforts for true economic equality for all people. Get Documents
35 201300870 06/12/2013 MOTION, dated 06/10/2013, submitted by Vice Mayor Qualls, Councilmembers Young, Simpson, Seelbach, and Quinlivan, We move that OEQ develop a consensus on the workforce equity issues for the new Property Assisted Clean Energy (PACE) program through a working group comprised of a representative of: * The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, * The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, * The Cincinnati Building Trades, * A non-union solar contractor. The working group will address the wor... Get Documents
36 201300869 06/12/2013 MOTION, dated 7/7/2013, submitted by Councilmembers Laure Quinlivan, Yvette Simpson and Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls, We MOVE to modify the Community Entertainment District legislation that permits non-profits to apply for a reduced fee, to give the City Manager and Council additional criteria to consider before approving a reduced fee CED. Get Documents
37 201300790 05/30/2013 MOTION, dated 05/29/2013, submitted by Vice Mayor Qualls and Councilmembers Seelbach, Young, Simpson, Thomas, Sittenfeld, Smitherman and Winburn, This motion combines the motions of May 16, May 24, and May 28. This motion supports the safety of Cincinnati by eliminating all Police and Fire layoffs. It supports neighborhood development by restoring reduced Focus 52 funds. The Focus 52 reduction would have threatened the debt service payments on many transformative neighborhood projects such as th... Get Documents
38 201300784 09/11/2013 MOTION, dated 5/29/2013 submitted by Councilmembers Thomas, Young, Quinlivan and Vice Mayor Qualls, that Councilmember Pamula Thomas be removed from the Rules & Government Operations Committee and added to the Strategic Growth Committee. Get Documents
39 201300781 12/29/2017 MOTION, dated 5/8/2013 submitted by Councilmembers Simpson, Young, Thomas and Vice Mayor Qualls, that the Administration in consultation with the Port Of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, and any other essential agencies, as applicable, prepare a report outlining the feasibility, process, and potential return on investment of making currently vacant City-owned or "lienable" historical properties located within the City of Cincinnati available for purchase and redevelopment for residentia... Get Documents
40 201300775 11/14/2013 MOTION, dated 05/28/2013, submitted by Vice Mayor Qualls and Councilmembers Young, Seebach, Simpson, Thomas and Quinlivan. We move that City Council adopt the following Human Services Advisory Committee recommendations for distribution of the Human Services Funding: * Funding cuts to Human Services agencies will be made as across the board percentage reductions. * A $15,00 minimum allocation per program Is no longer required. * Any program with funding below $15,000 will be provided a one-time a... Get Documents