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1 201701665 12/13/2017 MOTION, submitted by Mayor Cranley, Vice Mayor Mann, Councilmembers Smitherman, Seelbach, Winburn and Murray, WE MOVE that the City of Cincinnati cancel the Council Session scheduled for December 27, 2017. Get Documents
2 201701622 12/13/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Smitherman, Flynn, Sittenfeld, Murray, Young, Winburn, Seelbach, Simpson and Vice Mayor Mann, as a public entity, the City of Cincinnati can and should be a leader in encouraging equal employment opportunity for all of its current and future employees. Sexual harassment in the workplace is discriminatory conduct prohibited by state and federal law, and such harassment is egregiously inconsistent with the social and economic objectives of our City and our socie... Get Documents
3 201701432 10/09/2017 MOTION, dated 10/09/2017, submitted by Councilmember Winburn, WE MOVE that City Council direct the City Solicitor to draft an amendment to the city charter to establish an independent Inspector General office for the City of Cincinnati. This charter amendment should take aspects and recommendations from the Ohio Inspector General, the Philadelphia Inspector General, the Cuyahoga County Inspector General, and reports from any past Charter Review Task Force. (STATEMENT ATTACHED) Get Documents
4 201701422 10/06/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmember Winburn, dated 10/06/2017, WE MOVE that City Council direct the City Manager to use $300,000 from the unappropriated surplus of general fund 050 designated for "Hamilton County Auditor and Treasurer Fees", leaving $300,000 outstanding in repayment, to fund the following organization in an effort to continue to fight against the heroin epidemic and ongoing drug problems: $150,00: Center for Addictive Treatment (CAT House); $150,000: Urban Minority Alcoholism & D... Get Documents
5 201701331 09/18/2017 MOTION, submitted by Vice Mayor Mann, Councilmembers Seelbach, Simpson, Winburn, Young, Murray and Sittenfeld, WE MOVE that the Administration conduct a study and prepare a report on the feasibility of reconfiguring Northside's five-way intersection known as Knowlton's Corner as a roundabout to reduce traffic speeds, increase pedestrian safety and enhance the streetscape of Northside gateway. (STATEMENT ATTACHED) Get Documents
6 201701180 08/02/2017 RESOLUTION, submitted by Councilmember Winburn, RECOGNIZING Stephen T. MacConnell upon his retirement as President and CEO of Cincinnati Union Bethel for his dynamic career and dedication to improving the lives of the Cincinnati community through Cincinnati Union Bethel's programs including the Anna Louise Inn, Head Start and Off the Streets. Get Documents
7 201701179 08/02/2017 MOTION, dated 6/28/2017 submitted by Councilmembers Seelbach, Winburn, Simpson, Young, Sittenfeld and Flynn, WE MOVE that the Administration adopt and implement an Inclusion Survey of members of all boards & commissions approved by City Council within 90 days. The survey should be based on the City of Minneapolis Department of Neighborhood and Community Relations Diversity Study and should include questions pertaining to the following: Race, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity,... Get Documents
8 201701083 07/12/2017 MOTION, (AMENDED) submitted by Councilmembers Simpson and Winburn, WE MOVE that the additional $350,000 approved by Council for the City's Human Services Fund in the FY18 Operating Budget be allocated as follows: 1. CCAT House: $87,500 2. UMADAOP: $87,500 3. Human Services Fund Priority - Violence Prevention: $175,000. We Further Move that the total Violence Prevention allocation of $425,000 be allocated in accordance with the recommendations by the Violence Prevention Working Group as stated i... Get Documents
9 201701071 07/12/2017 MOTION, dated 6/30/2017, submitted by Councilmembers Murray, Smitherman, Flynn, Winburn, and Sittenfeld, WE MOVE that the City adopt an updated human services strategies and priorities plan that designates Heroin and Opioid Addiction Prevention as one of its priorities for human services funding. (BALANCE ON FILE IN THE CLERK'S OFFICE) (STATEMENT ATTACHED) Get Documents
10 201701063 06/28/2017 MOTION, dated 6/28/2017 submitted by Vice Mayor Mann, Councilmembers Seelbach, Smitherman, Murray, Simpson, Winburn, Sittenfeld and Young, WE Move that the City Administration present a report to Council outlining options to comply with the attached request from the Westwood Civic Association to issue an alternate bid for the painting of the elevated tank near the northern entrance to Westwood that would include one of two logos provided by the Association. Get Documents