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1 201701434 10/18/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Flynn, Smitherman, Seelbach and Young, WE move that Rule 3.6 of the Rules of Council be amended to read: Rule 3.6 Allocation of Space - When any office occupied by a Member becomes vacant for any reason, the vacant office space shall be offered to the other Members in order of seniority based upon total consecutive time served on Council, except that Room 356 shall be provided to the Vice Mayor. If two or more Members with equal seniority are requesting the sa... Get Documents
2 201701331 09/18/2017 MOTION, submitted by Vice Mayor Mann, Councilmembers Seelbach, Simpson, Winburn, Young, Murray and Sittenfeld, WE MOVE that the Administration conduct a study and prepare a report on the feasibility of reconfiguring Northside's five-way intersection known as Knowlton's Corner as a roundabout to reduce traffic speeds, increase pedestrian safety and enhance the streetscape of Northside gateway. (STATEMENT ATTACHED) Get Documents
3 201701312 09/18/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Simpson, Seelbach and Young, WE MOVE that the Administration identify all vacant city-owned property and work with the neighborhood community and development corporations, in which the city property is located to identify needs and wants of the community and possible uses for the land. WE FURTHER MOVE that it is the Administration's responsibility to inform relevant communities about development that may impact them, gather feedback from community members and ... Get Documents
4 201701311 09/19/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Sittenfeld, Young, Simpson, Seelbach and Vice Mayor Mann, Whereas the Cincinnati City Council has deep concerns about the use of private prisons in the United States, including creating a profit incentive for incarceration; endangering prison staff, inmates and the public; exacerbating the country's mass incarceration problem and related racial disparities; and representing an expensive and less effective use of taxpayer funds; WHEREAS recently the New York Ci... Get Documents
5 201701200 08/09/2017 MOTION, dated 08/07/2017 submitted by Councilmembers Simpson and Young, WE MOVED that the ordinances granting a zone change, property sale, a change in the Planned Development No. 50, and establishment of a new capital improvement project, in favor of Cincinnati's Hospital Medical Center ("CCHMC"), be amended as follows: * The City will invest the $583,000 in proceeds from the sale of city right of way, in the Avondale Community Development Corporation. * CCHMC is required to invest 5% of the de... Get Documents
6 201701179 08/02/2017 MOTION, dated 6/28/2017 submitted by Councilmembers Seelbach, Winburn, Simpson, Young, Sittenfeld and Flynn, WE MOVE that the Administration adopt and implement an Inclusion Survey of members of all boards & commissions approved by City Council within 90 days. The survey should be based on the City of Minneapolis Department of Neighborhood and Community Relations Diversity Study and should include questions pertaining to the following: Race, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity,... Get Documents
7 201701063 06/28/2017 MOTION, dated 6/28/2017 submitted by Vice Mayor Mann, Councilmembers Seelbach, Smitherman, Murray, Simpson, Winburn, Sittenfeld and Young, WE Move that the City Administration present a report to Council outlining options to comply with the attached request from the Westwood Civic Association to issue an alternate bid for the painting of the elevated tank near the northern entrance to Westwood that would include one of two logos provided by the Association. Get Documents
8 201701046 09/07/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Seelbach, Young, Sittenfeld, Flynn, Simpson and Vice Mayor Mann, WE MOVE that the Administration report on the options to allow for a Valet to span 4 spaces at the Northwest Corner of 5th and Vine to support the request of neighboring businesses. WE FURTHER MOVE that the Administration's report includes alternatives for current users of this location. The report shall be expected back by July 21. Get Documents
9 201700989 06/28/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Flynn, Smitherman and Young, WE hereby move that the City Solicitor draft appropriate amendments to Cincinnati Municipal Code Chapter 718 to permit the encroachment within the public right-of-way of a sidewalk for an installed ramp that will enable a privately-owned building to provide access to their building for persons with mobility impairments by eliminating architectural barriers to entry. (STATEMENT ATTACHED) Get Documents
10 201700986 06/21/2017 MOTION, dated 06/20/2017, submitted by Councilmembers Simpson, Young and Seelbach, WE MOVE that the City Administration include the following adjustments in the official city budget ordinance which implement the Mayor and Manager's FY 2018 - 2017 Budget Update: Operating Budget Additions: City's Human Service Funding Increase: $350,000; Student Firefighter Academy: $50,000; Hillman Accelerator: $100,000; CEAT/Invest in Neighborhoods: $50,000; Restore Keep Cincinnati Beautiful: $133,178. Total $6... Get Documents