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1 201800285 02/14/2018 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Pastor, Dennard and Seelbach, WE MOVE the Administration conduct a study and review of the cost benefits of city employees and the Health Department purchasing drug from pharmacies in Canada, Australia, Britain, and/or New Zealand. If there are significant cost savings found, we further MOVE, the Administration adopt a policy to allow city employees and departments to purchase drugs from outside the United States as a cost savings measure to reduce the impendi... Get Documents
2 201800242 02/07/2018 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Landsman, Murray, Mann, Seelbach, Dennard, Sittenfeld, Young and Vice Mayor Smitherman, WE MOVE that the Economic Growth and Zoning Committee shall have jurisdiction over Wasson Way and the Ohio River Trail/Oasis Trail; WE FURTHER MOVE that the Major Projects and Smart Government Committee shall have jurisdiction over the Cincinnati Mill Creek Greenway Trail, Little Miami Scenic Trail, Dunham Trail and Little Duck Creek Trail. Purpose: Clarification of jurisd... Get Documents
3 201800208 02/05/2018 MOTION, dated 02/07/2018, submitted by Councilmembers Mann, Seelbach, Young, Sittenfeld and Vice Mayor Smitherman, WE MOVE that any ordinance providing development incentives; infrastructure funding; a zone change; or any other city support for a stadium for FC Cincinnati include an enforceable community benefits agreement (CBA) representing the result of thorough, good faith engagement and negotiations with community members from the neighborhood in which the stadium will be built and from near... Get Documents
4 201800126 01/31/2018 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Sittenfeld, Young, Dennard, Seelbach, Landsman, Mann, Pastor and Murray, WE MOVE that the City Administration prepare an RFQ/RFP in order to find a partner who can conduct a disparity study comparable in depth and scope to a Crosson Study; to analyze the policies and practices of the City of Cincinnati's internal operations and external delivery of services through a lens of equity and seeking to eliminate institutional racism. WE MOVE that the City Manager in... Get Documents
5 201800125 01/24/2018 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Mann, Young, Dennard, Seelbach and Landsman, WE MOVE that the administration report on its compliance with section 7 of the Fair Labor Standards Act as amended by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148), which requires employers to designate a space other than a bathroom that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public and may be used by an employee to express breast milk; WE FURTHER MOVE that the administr... Get Documents
6 201800119 01/24/2018 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Seelbach, Dennard, Sittenfeld, Landsman, Young, Mann, Murray, Pastor and Vice Mayor Smitherman, WE MOVE that the Administration adopt the Continental Crosswalk as the standard crosswalk design for all marked crossings adjacent to any school, recreation center, playground, park facility and within all Cincinnati Neighborhood Business Districts as defined by the Department of Community & Economic Development's Business District Boundary list. WE FURTHER MOVE tha... Get Documents
7 201800117 01/24/2018 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Pastor, Seelbach, Dennard, Mann, Landsman and Vice Mayor Smitherman, the following members of Council, MOVE the Administration and City to ADOPT internal enforcement policies, litigation strategies and proper legislation, if necessary, to ensure the property maintenance code and code enforcement be pursued with civil, rather than criminal penalties, where reasonable and appropriate, when the owner-occupants are the violators or putative defendants. And to repo... Get Documents
8 201800100 01/31/2018 MOTION, dated 01/18/2018, submitted by Councilmembers Mann, Dennard, Sittenfeld, Seelbach, Landsman, Young, Pastor and Vice Mayor Smitherman, WE MOVE that the administration develop recommendations for improving and supplementing the affordable housing resources and efforts expected to result from the modifications to the city's VTICA program contained in Ordinance 201701376 adopted on September 27, 2017. (STATEMENT ATTACHED) Get Documents
9 201800029 01/10/2018 MOTION, dated 01/04/2018, submitted by Councilmembers Sittenfeld, Murray, Mann, Pastor, Landsman, Dennard, Seelbach and Vice Mayor Smitherman, WE MOVE to affirm the action of the previous City Council's Motion # 201701686, which states: WE MOVE that the City Administration cease spending funds on renovations to the Permit Center at the new District 5 Police Headquarters until community engagement efforts have occurred that include all neighborhoods in District 5 and until the Administration has ... Get Documents
10 201800022 01/02/2018 MOTION, submitted by Mayor John Cranley, Vice Mayor Smitherman, Councilmembers Seelbach, Pastor, Murray, Landsman, Dennard, Sittenfeld and Young, WE Move that the Cincinnati City Council session scheduled to be held on Thursday, January 4, 2018 be cancelled. Get Documents