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1 201701652 12/20/2017 ORDINANCE, (EMERGENCY) submitted by Councilmember Simpson, from Paula Boggs Muething, City Solicitor on 12/12/2017, AUTHORIZING the transfer and appropriation of up to $32,500 from the unappropriated surplus of the General Fund to the Department of Community and Economic Development account no. 050x161x7200 to provide funds to Over-the-Rhine Community Housing for administration of the Employment Pipeline Program. Get Documents
2 201701622 12/13/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Smitherman, Flynn, Sittenfeld, Murray, Young, Winburn, Seelbach, Simpson and Vice Mayor Mann, as a public entity, the City of Cincinnati can and should be a leader in encouraging equal employment opportunity for all of its current and future employees. Sexual harassment in the workplace is discriminatory conduct prohibited by state and federal law, and such harassment is egregiously inconsistent with the social and economic objectives of our City and our socie... Get Documents
3 201701533 11/29/2017 ORDINANCE, (EMERGENCY) submitted by Councilmember Simpson, ESTABLISHING that the intersection of Liberty and Republic Streets, at the street location adjacent to the St. Anthony Center in Over-the-Rhine, shall receive the honorary, secondary name of "Thomas J. Klinedinst, Jr. Way" in recognition of Mr. Thomas J. Klinedinst, Jr.'s tremendous accomplishments as a businessman and community leader. Get Documents
4 201701532 11/15/2017 RESOLUTION, submitted by Councilmember Simpson, RECOGNIZING the achievements of Reggie Williams as a leader both on the field as a linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals and in the corridors of City Hall as a Cincinnati City Councilmember. Get Documents
5 201701484 10/25/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmembers Seelbach, Simpson, Young, Sittenfeld and Vice Mayor Mann, WE MOVE that the Administration adopt and implement the following minimum qualifying wage when offering Job Creation Tax Credits: January 1, 2018 For any new JCTC proposal, the employer must have an $12.50 minimum wage for all jobs eligible under the tax credit. July 1, 2018 For any new JCTC proposal, the employer must have a $13.50 minimum wage for all jobs eligible under the tax credit. January 1, 201... Get Documents
6 201701410 12/29/2017 MOTION, submitted by Councilmember Simpson, MOVE that the Administration work with the affordable housing stakeholders to establish the framework for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, while ensuring that the following be included in the structure of the Trust Fund: 1. All disseminated funds shall be spent for households with income below 61% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and at least 50% of disseminated funds for households with income at 0% to 30% of AMI, and with rental policies having no c... Get Documents
7 201701409 10/04/2017 RESOLUTION, submitted by Mayor John Cranley and Councilmember Simpson, RECOGNIZING the Cincinnati Bengals' fiftieth season and expressing City Council's sincere appreciation to Paul Brown and the Brown family for establishing the team in Cincinnati. Get Documents
8 201701380 09/27/2017 RESOLUTION, dated 9/25/2017 submitted by Councilmember Yvette Simpson, EXPRESSING the Mayor and City Council's opposition to the proposed reconciliation of House Resolution 1628, as introduced in the Senate (otherwise known as "Graham-Cassidy") that would repeal the Affordable Care Act ("ACA"), thereby denying insurance coverage to millions of Americans who obtained health insurance through the ACA. Get Documents
9 201701366 10/25/2017 RESOLUTION, submitted by Councilmember Simpson dated 09/22/2017, EXPRESING City Council's opposition to House Bill 228 and Senate Bill 180, which loosen concealed carry restrictions and lessen certain penalties for illegally carrying a concealed carry weapon, and which expand circumstances in which a person has no duty to retreat before using lethal force in self-defense. Get Documents
10 201701365 10/11/2017 RESOLUTION, submitted by Councilmember Simpson dated 09/22/2017, EXPRESSING the Mayor and City Council's desire for the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas to revise its Local rule * (II), "Jury Source List," to require the County's Jury Commissioner to include the certified list of licensed drivers and valid state identification holders when compiling the annual jury source list of eligible potential jurors, instead of only using the list of registered voters to compile the annual jury pool. Get Documents