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1 201801401 10/03/2018 MOTION, submitted by Vice Mayor Smitherman and Councilmembers Mann, Dennard and Young WE MOVE that the lobbyist for the City of Cincinnati provide a procedural framework for City Council and the Property Tax Project working group to amend Ohio state laws governing property taxes to ensure that property owners, specifically legacy residents and senior citizens on fixed incomes, who reside in developing neighborhoods and whose property taxes are increasing as a result have a greater opportunity to... Get Documents
2 201801362 09/06/2018 ORDINANCE (EMERGENCY) submitted by Patrick A. Duhaney, Acting City Manager, on 09/04/2018, LEVYING assessments for the unpaid costs of private lead service line replacements conducted at various locations by the City of Cincinnati's Greater Cincinnati Water Works through its Lead Service Line Replacement Program in accordance with Cincinnati Municipal Code Sections 401-127 through 401-135 and as set forth in Exhibit 1 hereto. Get Documents
3 201801046 06/27/2018 ORDINANCE (EMERGENCY) submitted by Patrick A. Duhaney, Actimg City Manager, on 6/25/2018, authorizing the transfer and appropriation of the sum of $8,575,300.00 from various enterprise and restricted funds to various capital improvement project accounts in Fund 980 according to Schedule A attached hereto and by this reference made a part hereof, for the purpose of continuing and completing certain capital improvement projects listed in Schedule A; AUTHORIZING the City Manager to accept and appro... Get Documents
4 201800863 05/22/2018 PRESENTATION, submitted by Councilmember Tamaya Dennard on 5/22/2018 from Eric Kearney, African American Chamber of Commerce entitled Partner, focus, Support, and Lead! Plan. Get Documents
5 201800630 06/11/2018 COMMUNICATION, submitted by Councilmember Mann, from Frank G. Niesen, III, The Frank Niesen Company, regarding GCWW Lead Service Line Replacement Program. Get Documents
6 201800629 06/11/2018 COMMUNICATION, submitted by Councilmember Mann, from Mike Travin, President, Cincinnati Master Plumbers Association, regarding the current GCWW policies and procedures of the lead service line replacement program. Get Documents
7 201800373 02/28/2018 COMMUNICATION, submitted by Councilmember Young, from Paul Barthel, regarding Lead Hazard. Get Documents
8 201800367 02/28/2018 MOTION, submitted by Councilmember Mann, MOVE that City Administration report on its bedbug policy and what steps it can take to follow Chicago's lead in implementing comprehensive reforms, including enhanced requirements, for landlord responsibility to reduce the number of bedbug infestations in Cincinnati. (STATEMENT ATTACHED) Get Documents
9 201800070 05/31/2018 MOTION, submitted by Councilmember Mann, MOVE that the City Manager designate a point of contact within City Administration's Department of Community and Economic Development to serve as the lead in working with the North Fairmount Community Council, Xavier's Community Building Institute and other stakeholder groups to implement the goals outlined in the English Woods, North Fairmount and South Fairmount neighborhood plan, which was finalized November 18, 2013. FURTHER MOVE that the Administrati... Get Documents
10 201800045 01/10/2018 ORDINANCE (EMERGENCY) submitted by Harry Black, City Manager, on 1/8/2018, authorizing the deposit into Fund No. 312, "Private Lead Service Line Replacement" of all future payments on the following three leases for location of cellular communications facilities on Greater Cincinnati Water Works ("GCWW") water towers: (i) lease with Cincinnati SMSA Limited Partnership ("Ameritech") dated June 14, 1999 (95x0016); (ii) lease with Ameritech dated November 2, 1998 (85x0030); and (iii) lease with Spri... Get Documents