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1 09/04/2013 Police Department 2618 Police District 3 Headquarters Next Steps
2 07/01/2013 City Planning 2602 Police District 3 Headquarters Next Steps
3 06/06/2013 City Planning 2593 Police District 3 Headquarters Final Site Selection
4 05/14/2013 City Planning 2580 FYI - District 3 Headquarters
5 03/13/2013 City Manager 2557 Police District 3 Headquarters Site Selection Process Update
6 02/06/2013 City Manager 2539 Police District 3 Headquarters - Public Meeting
7 05/18/2009 Budget 2028 Title XII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), approved February 17, 2009, appropriates nationally $1.0 billion to carry out the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program on an expedited basis. The grant program under Title XII is commonly referred to as the CDBG Recovery Program (CDBG-R). Statutory and regulatory provisions governing the CDBG program will apply to CDBG-R funds, however there are exceptions. Funding available under the Recovery Act has clear purpo... tp distributed 5/18/09 (typ)
8 05/05/2009 Law Department 2021 This memorandum is to inform you of proposed changes to the existing Downtown Vending Program Regulations (attached). The Downtown Vending Program is governed by Municipal Code Chapter 845 ?Markets? and administered by the Department of Community Development. Section 845-73 of the Municipal Code gives the City Manager the authority to adopt rules and regulations governing the city?s market spaces. The current regulations allow vendors to lease a space for a period of one (1) year, with two (2) o... tp distributed 5/6/09 (typ)
9 04/23/2009 MSD 2014 This is a status report to communicate that the Metropolitan Sewer District received notification today from the State indicating that the district will receive approximately $5 million in ARRA formula fund awards as a part of the Ohio EPA intended use plan (IUPs) for wastewater stimulus funds. These formula awards will be distributed 100% as principal forgiveness loans (aka grants) for the following projects: ? Charlemar Sewer Replacement ? Hengehold Pump Station Elimination ? Kemper La... tp distributed 4/24/09 (typ)
10 03/30/2009 Transportation & Engineering 2003 Introduction This report is in response to questions raised at the March 3, 2009 meeting of the Vibrant Neighborhoods, Recreation, and Public Services Committee in preparation for a Public Hearing to discuss the Walker Street landslides. This report discusses the unstable hillside conditions affecting several homeowners who live on the west side of Walker Street, specifically between 1815 and 1847 Walker Street in Mt. Auburn. It is a coordinated report assembled by the Department of Transportat... tp distributed 4/1/09 (typ)