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Memo #
1 12/27/2017 Economic Inclusion 3550 2017 3rd Quarter Minority and Women Business (MBE/WBE) Program Report
2 11/14/2017 Economic Inclusion 3518 2017 Second Quarter Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) Program Report
3 08/30/2017 Economic Inclusion 3462 2017 First Quarter Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) Program Report
4 05/23/2017 City Manager 3373 2016 Annual MBE/WBE Program Spend Report
5 02/14/2017 City Manager 3276 2016 Year End MBE/WBE Utilization Report
6 10/05/2016 City Manager 3178 MBE/WBE Utilization Update September 23, 2016
7 06/13/2016 City Manager 3094 MBE/WBE Utilization Update
8 06/11/2007 Recreation Commission 1732 The Cincinnati Municipal Code (CMC) Chapter 323-17 requires that City Administration submit an annual Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program report to City Council. As outlined in this code, the purpose of the SBE program is to promote the economic welfare of the people of the City, to mitigate the effects of discrimination against SBEs, and to promote full and equal business opportunity for all persons doing business with the City of Cincinnati. In addition, the chapter provides assistance to ... tp distributed 6/11/07 (typ)
9 03/16/2004 City Manager 841 There has been a request for further information regarding the meet and confer conferences, SBE participation goals and the subcontract award process for the Vine and Central Parkway Development:Meet and ConferThis meeting will be scheduled prior to the end of March. During the meeting local union officials will be invited to a meeting where the scope of the project will be described and the proposed bid schedule will be discussed. Typically the officials will be interested in assuring that unio... signature #32312, md distributed 3/16/04 (typ
10 02/20/2004 City Manager 806 This memo is to update City Council, County Commission, Hamilton County Convention Facilities Authority and other Stakeholders on the progress of bidding and awarding the construction trade contracts for the Convention Center Expansion and Renovation project. The project at this date is well within budget, remains on schedule to commence construction by May 1, 2004, and is on track in achieving 30% SBE participation on the construction trade contracts. The project contracts are being bid in five... signature #32072, Sgt Gladden distributed 2/20/04 (typ)